Our Service Technicians are manufacturer trained to get the job done right!  Each of our lead service techs have been with our company over 10 years, and have experience working on all makes and models of garage doors and openers.

Routine Service

  • Broken Spring Repair
  • Broken Cable Repair
  • Rollers/Hinges/Bearings Replacement
  • Section Replacement
  • Door Balance and Adjustments
  • Operator Malfunctions
  • Weather Sealing Issues
  • Glass Replacement
  • Remote Control Issues


Do you have FIRE DOORS that need to be certified?  Call Hub City Doors to have them inspected and certified to meet your operational needs!  We will:
  • Drop Test and Certify
  • Smoke-test fire alarms
  • Repair/replace fusible links that dont meet code requirements
  • Adjust, lubricate and ensure mechanical operation of Fire Doors

Preventive Maintenance & Safety Program

Hub City Doors will write a Preventive Maintenance Program customized to your facility to maintain a solid maintenance regiment to ensure that we minimize costly repair interruptions, and maximize the overall performance and lifespan of your doors.  The safe operation of your doors and docks are our first priority!  Checklist includes, but is not limited to the inspection and adjustment of:
  •  All door counterbalance assemblies
  • Operator clutches, limit switches and brake assemblies
  • Lubricate all shaft bearings, rollers, chain hoists and disconnects
  • Lubricate all operator bearings, pivot points and gear reductions
  • Tightening of all hardware, cable drums, track brackets and hangs
  • Sprockets, solenoids, drawbar arms and hookups
  • Dock Leveler plates, lower rollers and push-pull bars/pistons
  • Truck restriants operations and conditions